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The Woody Outlet

Welcome to The Central Wisconsin Woody Outlet.

Welcome to The Central Wisconsin Woody Outlet.Welcome to The Central Wisconsin Woody Outlet.

24'x24' Full Log Cabin Kit Special

Special as heard on WSAU

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Sales Representative and Model In The Steamboat Area

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A recent build in Steamboat Springs area has made a remarkable impression on the owner's and the local people.  The owner's are so excited about the product they will now represent us in the area, a gesture that could not be bought. The woody build team has recently finished the dry in of there log home package around 600 sq. ft in 6 days!  The local craftsmen helping could not believe their eyes.  With the shortage of labor, the ingenious woody building system is perfect for getting the building up fast.  All parts are pre cut in our factory in Wisconsin and reassembled on site.  Furthermore you will get a good bang for your buck.  The log kits are reasonable priced, you will be presently surprised in the value.  Call us today to see why our system is better.

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The fast precision cut log kits can be assembled in a hurry.  The value is incredible, don't pay the high unpredictable price of other systems.  You will know your cost of our system up front.  Seeing is believeing, schedule a tour of our recent build today.

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Full service builder of log and rustic homes.

We can supply you with a log kit all the way to  handing you the keys to your new place.  We will work with you on your budget to achieve your dream.  Properly maintained log homes will last generations.  Get A Woody Today! We handle small to big woody log cabin kits. We have built a small deer stand up to a 8000 sq. ft cabin we sent to China!  We ship anywhere.    

We also carry log and all types of building materials and log furniture on display.

Log Stairs Available


Full Service Contractor

Let Everything Log install your new dream cabin.  As the premier installer for Woody cabins we can help you get your place up in a hurry.  We have experience in all types of log home builds as well as log home restoration. Our team has years of experience in the building industry.  We are some of the last "old school" guys around who will just get it done. We also build custom rustic homes.


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Full Scribe Log Stairs

Full scribe log stairs now available.  Can be used inside, and also treated outside option also available. Get the look of log outside with no maintenance. Add our unique powder coated spindles to accent the staircase.  Call now and we will give you a no obligation quote.


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Client Testimonials


Cabin Kings Build On the National Geographic Channel...

Mike, We miss you.  Hope all is well.  Wanted to thank you and the "woody" family for such a great build.  TV aside it was wonderful building with such wonderful people who are passionate about the quality of their product.  That being said, it was great getting to know you and I hope we can do more in the future.

Paulie Dimeo- Star of Extreme Makeover, Now Co Owner of the Cabin Kings as seen on the National Geographic Channel


Tom and Karen S.


Mike.... First off... THANK YOU!!! This cabin has been a dream of mine since I was little. The property has been in our family for 55 years. The lake has a special meaning to me. When we started this project, it seemed as if it was one set back after another. The property line, the mason pulling out along with 2 builders not coming through made Karen and I feel like this was all for not. With you and your team coming through, you've restored some faith for us!!! Thank you, Tom and Karen! 


Grant B.

    I hope things are going well.  We are thrilled with our cabin….   I told you the truth…. You were great to deal with, your product is outstanding, and we are proud to show off our work. 

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To get a free no obligation quote, please contact us at your convenience.  We look forward to serving you.

The Woody Outlet

(715) 446-1880

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Get A Free Quote

To get a free no obligation quote, please contact us at your convenience.  We look forward to serving you.

The Woody Outlet

(715) 446-1880

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Seeing is believing, see our Woody model cabin today.

Give us a call for a personal tour of our cabin model.

The Woody Outlet

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